National Strawberry Parfait Day
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National Strawberry Parfait Day

National Strawberry Parfait Day on June 25th comes around each year during the perfect time – peak strawberry season. In fact, parfait is French for perfect. The traditional parfait is a dessert of ice cream or frozen custard layered with fruit and whipped cream in a tall stemmed glass. An additional topping of whipped cream garnishes the dessert. Today, we often replace the ice cream with yogurt or pudding and layers of granola. Strawberries are not only in season during June, but they are also an excellent source of Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, and fiber. At 55 calories and zero fat per 1 cup, these sweet things hit the spot when snack time is calling! When making parfaits, don’t just reserve them for dessert. If serving them with yogurt and granola, they make a delicious breakfast and snack, too. read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

French Food Word Search puzzle

As you may know, France is famous for it’s delicious French food. Of course, in France they just call it “food”, and this word search is a printable that will have you desperate for your next taste of Coq au Vin! You should look down this list and sample these dishes at least once in life, and the word search is going to show off a little more of the French food you’ve been missing out on.

The culinary specialties on this list are going to blow your mind – and with a little research, you’ll also find that these are often linked to specific regions throughout France. Some of the dishes are passed through the generations in France, and we’re all lucky enough to enjoy them at various restaurants and cafes throughout the world. French food is typically delicious, delicate and enough to make you dribble. Simply finding the words throughout this word search will also be enough to encourage you to book a table at your local brasserie, too!

France has a reputation for excellence when it comes to food and these dishes sound as luxurious as they taste. Quality cheeses, menu choices, wine and more are all going to tantalize your taste buds! Check out these French foods on this word search in every direction, and don’t be afraid to add your new dishes to your shopping list!

Set the timer and see how long it takes you to travel all over the French regions for some of the most delicious food around.

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  • Multiple difficulties to test your skills
  • Find up to 23 words based on French food

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