Today is National Parfait Day
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Today is National Parfait Day

 National Parfait Day kicks off breakfast, lunch, snack or dessert just right on November 25th! This versatile dish serves up sweet or healthy in layers of goodness. Usually served in a specially styled glass, a parfait presents ingreA French word that literally means “perfect” was originally udients in appealing layers. Fruit, yogurt or ice cream provide the basis for transitions between nuts, chocolate or even whipped cream. In the United States, parfaits are served in the traditional French style. Ingredients such as parfait cream, ice cream, gelato or pudding are layered in a clear tall glass. They’re then topped with whipped cream, fruit or liqueurs. read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

French desserts Word Search puzzle

A word of warning: this word search online puzzle may cause cravings for tarte tatin and delicious chocolate eclairs!

Well, not really, but you still may read some of the best French desserts and decide it’s time for something new on your family menu this week! This is a fun word search designed to whet your whistle and give you a taste of something a little different for a change. We all have our favorite desserts, but there’s nothing wrong with learning about some new ones. French desserts range from the light and delicate to heavier and cream-filled, and all of them are just delicious. There is a huge range of flavors and types of French desserts out there, and France is renowned for the wonderful range of pastries and desserts. In fact, did you know we wouldn’t even have the word “dessert” without France? It comes from the word desservir, and it wasn’t long before people cottoned on to dessert being the best part of the meal!

So, if you can find the names of the French desserts in this online puzzle, you can make it a new printable to do with your friends. Make sure that you serve up a rich Creme au Caramel while you do it, too, as it’s one of the silkiest and most decadent desserts that suit any occasion. A new word search is absolutely an occasion that requires dessert!

The words move up and down, back and forth. Find the words on the list and make this word search a new conquest!

  • Play online or download and print
  • Multiple difficulties to test your skills
  • Find up to 23 words all related to all French desserts
  • Challenge friends online or play alone
  • Create your own avatar and username to track your best scores

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