National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
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National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Here’s a little-known chocolatey morsel of info for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day — chocolate ice cream was actually invented before vanilla. You heard right — the earliest ice cream flavors were modeled after drinks, so chocolate naturally came before vanilla because hot chocolate was very popular in 17th-century Europe. In fact, the first frozen chocolate recipe was published in 1692 Naples in the book “The Modern Steward,” and much later chocolate ice cream found its way to the U.S. This day falls on June 7 to help us channel our inner Willy Wonka and pay tribute to this decadently frosty treat. read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Ice Cream Flavor’s Toppings Word Search puzzle

Stop on by the parlor to scoop out some of your absolute favorites with this Ice Cream Flavours Word Search that sees how well you know your frozen treats. There are all manner of flavors to be found in this randomizing word search, including perennial favorites like chocolate and rocky road.

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  • Find up to 23 words named after all your favorite ice cream flavors

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