National Shrimp Day. Sea food words are hidden in this word search game. Try and find them all.

Today is National Shrimp Day

If the fictional character Bubba from the movie Forrest Gump had his way, every day would be National Shrimp Day. A connoisseur of all different types of the crustacean, and every which way to cook them, he’d probably be disappointed that National Shrimp Day is only held once a year on May 10. Luckily his shrimp legacy carries on with a restaurant in his name: The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company operates 40 restaurants around the world. Shrimp fans all across the country can come together to honor their love for the shellfish, commonly called the “fruit of the sea.” Shrimp are interesting characters, and some can even glow in the dark! Elvis Presley even once sang a song about them, crooning, “If I should live to be ninety, I will never forget the little shrimp and the song he sang as he jumped into the net.” In the United States, shrimp is eaten more than any other type of seafood, so of course it deserves its own day! Grill em, fry em, or eat em cold. Try them on a sandwich, on a salad, or one by one in some delicious cocktail sauce. Whatever you do, take some time to celebrate! read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Sea Food Word Search puzzle

Are you going to have a go at this delightful sea food Word Search Battle? We promise you won’t pull a muscle when you plaice your guesses in this online puzzle. Whether you fancy a barnacle at the different difficulty levels on this online word search or you want to flex your langoustine to go straight into the hard levels, this sea food word search challenge will have you crazy for cod and wacky for whelks.

With different levels to choose from when deciding which sea food delicacy is for you, an easy level generates 5 new words for word search generated, a medium difficulty word search has up to 13 different words each time, and a hard level can mix between 23 words. Will you be able to name 23 different sea food words in our word search?

Each new puzzle has different words each time to help you as you go crab fishing. But we hope you don’t tuna roll to the bottom of the sea when challenging your friends to play against you online. Or are you clamming up in the company and want to trout the opposition by practicing before you take on a head-to-head challenge? Then you download our online games as printable to take with you and practice anytime, anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Spread your tentacles and see how far you can dive into this foray of sea food fare in this fun and fishy-themed word search online today.

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