Today is Ribbon Candy Day
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Today is Ribbon Candy Day

 Thin enough to melt in your mouth, ribbon candy is shiny, sweet, colorful ribbons of candy, distinctive in color and shape. The holiday treat was created centuries ago in Europe, where confectioners first designed it to decorate their shops, and the curls were done by hand around the candy-maker’s thumb. Today the candy is manufactured on a large scale with machines but is still carefully tended by candy-makers to make sure the delicate ribbons come out perfectly. Ribbon candy eventually made its way to America, where it quickly caught on, becoming a sensation in New England and then spreading throughout the country. Although it is enjoyed as part of many family traditions, only a few companies still make it, and it is usually only found in stores beginning in the fall through the Christmas holidays. read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Candy Word Search puzzle

Word search with hidden words related to candy and other confectionary.

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