Today is Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
Daily Word Search

Today is Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day celebrates who you are and how you get there. Take time to nurture your soul on November 12th. A little chicken soup does a lot of good. It’s warm and hearty. As we cup our hands around the bowl, the heat radiates into our bodies. The steam hits our face with a comforting aroma. Similar to what chicken soup does for our bodies, the regular nurturing of our souls benefits our health. Whether you pick up a book, meditate or go for a long walk, reflect on who you are and your achievements. read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Soups Word Search puzzle

Chowder down on this lip-smacking Word Search Battle in this delectably tasty soups-themed word search. We have soups for everyone’s taste buds, from mild to spicy to flavorsome and comforting. If you love a good bowl of soup, then you are in the right kitchen; we mean word search!

But exactly how hungry for soups are you?

  • Peckish – The easy levels have up to five words
  • I can eat – The medium level will give you up to 13 words
  • Ravenous – The hard level has up to 23 words.

Our word searches generate a new set of words for every game, depending on your difficulty level. Don’t like to eat alone? Split pea the game and invite your friends using the game code for dining with others and seeing who has the biggest appetite. Make sure you have a napkin to hand; soups can get messy!

Feeling a bit of a spicy tortilla? Play alone and download our soup word search from an online puzzle to a printable download so you can test your knowledge while eating soup. You don’t have to eat soup when playing this soups-themed online puzzle, but if the spoon fits!

On a serious note, hunger is no laughing matter. Hence, if you think you know your garlic broth from your egg broth or you can taste test an Italian wedding soup or minestrone, then feed your brain with this foodie-based word search that you can enjoy online and offline no reservation needed! So what are you waiting for? Grab a spoon and tuck in!

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