Today is Snow Leopard Day
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Today is Snow Leopard Day

Snow Leopard Day. Snow Leopards are captivating and powerful animals. However, they are also vulnerable to loss of prey and poaching. These animals are distributed sparsely across 12 different countries in Central Asia. They tend to be found in rugged, high mountain landscapes, at elevations between 3,000 and 4,500m. The key to protecting this species is raising awareness. That’s what Snow Leopard Day is all about. read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Animals Word Search puzzle

How well do you know your birds from your beasts? With this Animals Word Search hosted on Word Search Battle, you can either test your ability to recognize all kinds of animals amongst a random jumble of letters, or test your skills against different players online.

This puzzle comes in three difficulties, with players asked to find up to five words in Easy, up to fifteen words in Medium, or up to twenty-three letters in Hard. What’s more, the puzzle randomizes each time you play it, so there’s always a fresh challenge to be enjoyed.

From Aardvarks to Gorrilas, Llamas to Ocelots, Hares to Manatees, this puzzle will ask you to find all kinds of animals, really testing your knowledge of the fauna of the world. Download and print to play on paper or play against other players online right now.

  • Play online or download and print
  • Multiple difficulties to test your skills
  • Find up to 23 words all related to all kinds of creatures in the animal kingdom
  • Challenge friends online or play alone
  • Create your own avatar and username to track your best scores

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