Today is Biscotti Day
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Today is Biscotti Day

Chocolate Hazelnut, Honey Pistachio, Almond and Lemon Dipped in White Chocolate, Dried Cherry and Almond Biscotti, Biscotti alla Parmigiana, Peppermint Biscotti, Almond and Raisin, these are just a few samples of the absolutely rainbow of flavors you can get Biscotti in. All of them are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite blend of coffee or a steaming cup of relaxing tea, their double-baked crunch absorbing the myriad of flavors and softening into an expertly textured snack. Biscotti Day celebrates these wonderful treats, and reminds you to try a new flavor, or indulge in your favorite.
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Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Cookies Word Search puzzle

If you have a sweet tooth, why not indulge it with this Cookies Word Search from Word Search Battle? whether you’re a French Macaroon fan or a maniac for Madlienes, your ability to recognize and pinpoint cookies of all kinds is going to be put to the test in this puzzle with three different difficulties.

  • Play online or download and print
  • Multiple difficulties to test your skills
  • Find up to 23 words named after some of the most beloved cookies around

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