Today is Fall Equinox Day
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Today is Fall Equinox Day

 Astronomically it’s the day when the sun crosses the celestial equator heading south. Thus, the fall (and spring) equinoxes provide Earth with roughly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Oh, and after another blazing hot summer, the first day of fall signals cooler weather. Summer has slipped away. Hope you enjoyed the season. The 2020 fall equinox arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22 at 8:31am EDT. read more
Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Fall Word Search puzzle

This Fall Word Search has been carefully designed to reflect the season it represents, with an array of words that will set the scene for this time of year. Fall is a time for harvest, shorter days, and rapid change, making it a rich topic to dive into. Get into the mood for Autumn with this unique and family-friendly Word Search.

Our smart Word Search system has been designed to offer ease and flexibility. You can choose from three difficulty levels for each puzzle, adding and removing words to make each game more interesting. Alongside this, you can also pick an avatar, unique name, and anything from a huge range of different topics. This is all handled through our incredibly simple Word Search system, making it easy to push your mind and test your wits.

  • Multiplayer and singleplayer modes available
  • Three difficulty levels to choose from
  • Countless topics to challenge your mind
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Inspired by Fall

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