Today is Hamburger Day
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Today is Hamburger Day

Let’s face it; there isn’t anything in the world quite so delightful as your first bite of a rich, juicy hamburger. Don’t believe us? One of the first popular vegan-faux-meats? The Veggie Burger. Even vegetarians couldn’t resist the taste of a tasty burger; they had to create an alternative so that they wouldn’t have to leave all that was good and right about the world in the past. Hamburger Day celebrates the history of this most irresistible of sandwiches. But why are hamburgers so amazing? Well, it’s clever really, it matters not who you are, there will be some form of burger for you. Unlike some popular dishes where you just get what you get, a hamburger can be designed and created for the person who is eating it. In a strange way, a hamburger resembles an art form that you chew. While that last statement may sound crazy, it’s far from it. If you sit back and think about it, whenever you make a burger at home, you have specific ingredients that you like to mix with your pate, and more than this, a burger is one food that welcomes OCD. What do we mean by that? Well, can you honestly say that you don’t freak out if the cheese is in the wrong place? The truth is, a burger is a universal food; it’s a food that has many forms; it’s a food that brings people together, and ultimately it’s loved. So, if you really look at things from a logical perspective, a hamburger is more than a food, it’s almost the basis for a religion. So, next time Hamburger Day comes around, and you find yourself craving a hamburger, don’t settle for a flat, plain pate. It’s time to think big, think outside the box, think of the power of the pate and celebrate Hamburger Day in style. read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Food Word Search puzzle

Consider yourself a foodie? Then wrap your lips around this Food Word Search from Word Search Battle. Sniff out up to 23 delicious foodstuffs from a meal of randomized letters, an excellent way to test the gastronomic expertise of players of all ages with puzzles that can be played alone or against a friend online.

  • Play online or download and print
  • Multiple difficulties to test your skills
  • Find up to 23 words all related to all things cuisine

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