Today is Geek Pride Day
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Today is Geek Pride Day

Some people are old enough to remember when being called a geek was derogatory and meant that you were probably pale, non-athletic, wore thick glasses, had almost no friends, and were only good at activities that could be done indoors on a chair in your underwear. Thankfully, the word “geek” has evolved greatly over the years, and now usually means a person who is fascinated with a certain complicated subject—be it mathematics, video games, fantasy literature, science fiction films or one of many others—and knows almost everything there is to know about it. That actually sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? So why not celebrate all of the geeks in this world this Geek Pride Day? read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Occupations Word Search puzzle

Find the most popular occupations in this word search game.

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