Today is Poultry Day
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Today is Poultry Day

While dogs may be man’s best friend, man’s favorite meal may very well be Poultry. The domestication and cultivation of poultry have done a great deal to help society grow and prosper. Poultry Day celebrates this ancient tradition of animal husbandry has made delicious turkeys, abundant chicken, and eggs of every variety a staple on tables all over the world. If you love all things poultry and are looking for an excuse to wing it and have a good time, watch for Poultry Day to come around! read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Farm animals Word Search puzzle

Enjoy all the sights and sounds of a lively farm in your imagination, thanks to the challenge provided by this Farm Animals Word Search from Word Search Battle. From bison to hens, there is all manner of charming and friendly farmyard fauna to be found in this puzzle with its multiple selectable difficulties.

  • Play online or download and print
  • Multiple difficulties to test your skills
  • Find up to 23 words based on a range of lovable farmyard animals

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