Today is Clarinet day
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Today is Clarinet day

Clarinet day. There are all kinds of days to celebrate crazy things across the world – think of the first thing that pops into your head and it’s likely there is a day to celebrate it. Did you think of a clarinet? If you did, you’d be right – there most certainly is a clarinet day. This is a day to celebrate what the clarinet is all about and respect those who dedicate their lives to playing the clarinet. It’s also a great day for those who just love listening to clarinet music. read more…

Celebrate it with our daily word search puzzle – Food Word Search!

Musical Instruments Word Search puzzle

Is your brain as fit as a fiddle, or are you just fluting around? Whatever your choice of musical instrument, you can hold tune as you play solo or with an orchestra of your choosing when you play these melodic musical instruments online word search puzzles.

Strum your guitar all the way from easy to medium to hard levels that really test your knowledge to see if you hit a bum note. But if you do, do not worry; you can jump back and swap your pick for drumsticks and start your beat again to a different tune. Each new game generates different words relating to musical instruments to help compose your own kind of music no matter how you play.

  • Easy – up to five words
  • Medium – up to 15 words
  • Hard – up to 23 words

Don’t give up; whistle while you work or even download and print a musical instrument word search to play offline. Harp back to musical instruments of the past or speed that beat up to embrace a new musical genre worth more than a didgeridoo.

Music is all about expressing yourself and allowing you to immerse yourself in the music, which is exactly what this musical instrument crossword can do. The real question in this word search battle is exactly how many different musical instruments you can name before your opponents. If you need more time to brush up on your skills and figure out your Harmonicas from your cowbells, this online puzzle has everything you need when it comes to building your own musical instrument showcase and a tambourine too!

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