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How Doing A Daily Word Search Puzzle Protects Your Brain

Did you know that your brain is made up of 86 billion neurons? When those neurons connect to other neurons they can form up to 1,000 trillion connections. 

Another interesting fact about the power of the brain is that the electrical impulses that travel between cells can move at 268 miles per hour.

Your brain is a powerful organ and you can protect it by doing a daily word search puzzle. Keep reading to learn all the ways this activity can protect your brain. 

It Can Improve Memory

While your brain is much more complex than other muscles in your body, it should still be exercised like one. While you’re in school, you’re constantly challenging your mind to solve problems. This is something that should continue your entire life. 

Word searches, like any other puzzle, challenge your mind and forces your brain to continue to transfer information and make connections. This will help keep your mind sharp and improve your memory. This is why word searches and other puzzles are used with patients who suffer from memory-related conditions like dementia.  

Improves Mood

Many studies have linked mood to mind function. If you suffer from mood disorders, you’re more likely to suffer from cognitive issues as well. It’s important that you work to have a positive outlook and mood to keep your brain efficient. 

If you want to improve your mood to protect your brain then doing daily word searches is a great start. When you’re able to beat a challenge, the reward centers in your brain are stimulated and make you feel happier and more motivated. 

This feeling will improve your mood if word searches are practiced on a consistent basis. 

You’ll Expand Your Vocabulary 

If speech and language isn’t an area in which you excel, you can improve by doing daily online word search puzzles. Whether English is your second language or you just want to have more words in your vocabulary, searching for new words in a word search can help you. 

You’ll learn to recognize words quicker than before. This is especially helpful for children who are beginning to learn reading skills. 

You’ll Improve in Fluency

Doing word searches on a consistent basis can help you recognize patterns in words, this will make you get through a word search quicker as they tend to be organized into similar categories. Being able to recognize these patterns can improve your fluency if this is something you need to work on.

Word searches can also teach context clues that can improve fluency too. Seeing words that belong to the same family together in a list will make them easier to remember.  

It’ll Make You A More Creative Thinker

When you give your mind a task, you give it the exercise of finding creative ways to solve a puzzle. With word searches you’re constantly having to think outside of the box, searching in different directions to find the words you’re looking for. 

Doing these puzzles and testing new possibilities for word placement will lead you to become more creative in your thinking in all areas of life. 

Allows Your Brain to Unwind

No one has to tell you how hectic life can get. With school, jobs, children, work, etc, your mind is always moving from one thing that needs to get done to another. This can become overwhelming and finding some time to relax your mind while still keeping it stimulated is important. 

Doing daily word search puzzles online is the perfect way to do this. Completing these puzzles can be a great way to disconnect from your daily routine and the challenge can make the time rewarding as well.

Taking a couple of minutes out of your day to do word searches instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media is a great way to disconnect and unwind. 

Improves Spelling

With everything online and spellcheck correcting the spelling on everything you write, it’s easy to let one’s spelling skills get rusty. Making a habit of seeing a list of words and having to look for them in a puzzle can help you learn and remember how to spell more words. 

Improving your spelling can make you a better writer and faster reader and you’ll realize that you’ll no longer need to rely on spellcheck. 

You’ll Gain Human Connection

Humans are social creatures and connecting with others is crucial to your wellbeing. While doing word searches might seem like a solo activity, it can actually help you form stronger connections. 

Word searches are great to do with friends or family groups as a way to bond. You can challenge each other to matches and in the process, you’ll experience the necessary human connection you’ve been craving. Group word searches can improve your ability to work with others and can make you more sociable in general. 

It’ll Teach You Problem Solving Skills

Solving a puzzle, like a word search, is one way to be presented with a problem and use your mind to find the best solution. If you do a free daily word search puzzle, like the ones on our website, each day, you’ll build on these problem-solving skills and improve them over time. 

These are skills you’ll need in every area of your life and being able to work on them with word searches can lead you to make better decisions with the problems in your daily life. 

Improves Focus

Attention spans are becoming shorter each day. With all the stimuli you experience as soon as you walk out the door or even when you turn on your TV, focusing on one task at a time can be difficult. 

When you’re doing a word search, you force your brain to focus on the puzzle in order to solve it. Doing these puzzles on a regular basis will improve your focus over time. 

Now You Know the Benefits of a Daily Word Search Puzzle for Your Brain

Your brain is a complex organ and you need to take care of it to keep it in the best shape. Doing a daily word search puzzle has a lot of benefits for your brain, as listed above.

Make sure you check out our website to try out some of the free word search puzzles we have available. New categories are being added daily with different levels of difficulty and they can be completed online or printed if you prefer!