About Word Search Battle

"Word Search Battle is a project that came to fruition from a real life situation. My wife and two daughters were having fun every day by playing word search paper games together. I noticed that each of them were very competitive and excited to find more words than other players. I thought it would be great to have a real-time browser game that we could play together.

I really like to challenge myself with new types of problems and since I'd never developed a real-time game before I decided to create it. It was really fun to work on wire-frames together with my 11-years old daughter Anastacia and show her what I was doing at work and how software started it's life from scratch.

It took several weeks to design and develop it. My girls asked me everyday when they could start testing it! :) They couldn't wait for it! When we proposed the game to the testing environment, both my daughters and my wife were playing the game together. It was a fun time that we spent together as a family. After we tested the game we decided to make it public so everyone could play together.

I introduce my first game "The Word Search Battle" - defeat your opponent with your mind! It's like a classic word search puzzle, but you can play against your friend, parent or kid. Find more words than your opponent and win the battle!"

Thank you for reading,
Eugene Bellows

Thanks and credits

  • Idea and inspiration by Anastacia and Julia Bellows
  • Graphical Design and UX by Elena Kadantseva
  • Quality Assurance by Viktoriia Fedorovykh

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